I love reading through the lists of weird gambling 'Superbowl Specials', more commonly known as 'Prop Bets'. This year's edition features our New England Patriots and I think it's a sure thing.

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Ethan Miller
VIA - betonline.ag
VIA - betonline.ag

Will Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say "Patriots"?

According to betonline.ag (a very well known multi-purpose betting exchange located in Panama), if Joe Buck or Troy Aikman say 'Patriots' at any point during the broadcast, YES will pay +200.

This means 2-1, so, a ten dollar bet would win you $20.

Conversely, NO will pay you $3.33 on that same $10 bet.

Easy money I say!

I couldn't believe when I first saw this.

The Pats are still reigning Superbowl Champions, Jimmy Garoppolo was a Patriot for 3 and a half seasons backing up Tom Brady. I have to think that Brady will be shown in a booth.

There are dozens of possibilities that the word 'Patriots' will be uttered.

I guess unless both Buck and Aikman are aware of this prop and repeatedly say "New England" just to be evil, that would be the only scenario I can foresee wherein this bet will not be payed off.

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