Just take a look at the glistening leaves of this year's dreaded 'Toxicodendron Radicans', and you can see that they mean business. Here's what to do if you think you've been exposed.

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Many people I know have been suffering from 'the worst case of Poison Ivy they've ever had.' And here are some old tricks and remedies that will help prevent a maximum irritation situation.

Rinse your skin using only Cold Water!

Rubbing alcohol, cold water and soap are the best way to rid your skin of the dreaded urushiol, this is the oily liquid on the leaves that causes the itch.

It's perfectly fine to throw all your affected clothes in a washing machine with hot water, (I'd wash them twice just for sure), but DO NOT use hot or warm water when trying to cleanse the poisoned areas of your skin.

This only spreads the offending oil AND increases the damage it does!

Jewelweed sap is also VERY EFFECTIVE as a cure. Crunch up as many of the vines as you can and apply it to your rash. Use the old Instagram video I embedded above to identify this fun and medicinal plant.

It is ALWAYS found nearby to Poison Ivy so, I'd suggest having your non-susceptible friends go and harvest it!

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