It’s baby bear season so be alert like Sarah Leland was.

She saw a mama bear crossing Merrymeeting Road in Merrimack, stopped traffic, and took a video, according to

The mama bear and her cubs are so adorable, and I can’t imagine her struggle.  I know my first instinct when I saw the video was “I want to help,” but I realize approaching a bear with her cubs is a great way to get mauled by a bear.

How the video happened

Leland told that she saw the mama bear walking with her cubs along Merrymeeting road when it began crossing the road and the cubs didn’t follow.  She knew on such a busy road with the traffic, it could be dangerous for the cubs, so she took quick action and pulled her car in such a way as to block traffic, the news station reported.  That allowed her time to shoot the video.

It’s the Time of Year to Be Careful

This is not an isolated incident.  I wrote just recently about another mama bear that was struggling to get her four cubs across the road and they were not complying.  Fortunately, traffic cooperated and gave her time to make it safely with all four cubs, but it was a struggle.

It’s that time of year to be extra cautious when driving.  The Mama bears are out and about with their cubs looking for food.  It might also be time to lock up your trash cans and take down your bird feeders to avoid attracting bears.

They are cute to look at but don’t let their cuteness take you off guard.  Do not feed the bears.



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