This is a recent picture of the DQ on High Street in Somersworth which appears to show vehicles and official looking white vans around the perimeter.

Train Images
Train Images

When Will It Re-Open?

Strangely, in the middle of May last year the doors were shut at this location which had always appeared to be very busy whenever I'd go for a Peanut Buster Parfait.

It only had it's grand opening in August of 2017 which made it's closure all that more untimely.

Rumors of a severe staffing problem was the only reason that I had heard why this popular location locked it's doors last spring, other than that I've been just as flummoxed as everyone else on the matter.

According to Fosters Online, the new owners were hoping to open by the end of January. Since Free Cone Day is scheduled for March 20th, I have got to believe that it will be open by that all important date.

Does anyone know for sure?

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