I watched David Blaine's latest special "Real or Magic" the other night and for most of the day have stared at a wall slack-jawed, trying in vain to figure out even one of his "illusions". What I find truly incredible is how nobody on the entire interwebnetscapegoogler machine has even one clue as to how he did any of his new tricks. I would assume out of the 15 million plus people watching...some smart-ass blogger would at least have a plausible theory. I, myself have nothing. He did, however, do a card trick with Olivia Wilde that I saw "The Amazing Randi" do a couple years ago and with that came a bit of relief. I was relieved that I knew for sure at least that was a magic trick.

There is an episode of South Park in which Mr. Blaine eats his own head. When I saw it I thought "Uh-Oh The gauntlet has been thrown down. He'll probably eat half of his own face on his next special." And at least he hasn't figured that out...yet.

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