Early polling showed incumbent Lincoln the goat as a front runner.

While Super Tuesday was crucial to the future of America, one Vermont town gave students the opportunity to learn about the process by choosing another pet mayor. The election doubls as fundraiser for Fair Haven Central School's new playground. According to WMTW News 8, dozens of first-time voters packed a polling place during Town Meeting Day.

The race is wide open. Many students have latched onto Murfee the therapy dog and Sammie the police K-9. WMTW News 8 reported that other dogs, cats, hamsters, a rabbit and a horse are also on the ballot. Elected last year, Lincoln the goat still has a stronghold.

If you've ever voted for someone because they looked the part, you can certainly relate to these kids. Voters seemed to be most interested in a candidates' looks, according to WMTW News 8. One kindergartner said  "I voted for Peaches the bunny because she's cute and likes to walk on a leash."

Students will spend Wednesday counting the votes, and the winner will be sworn in next week.


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