I pride myself upon being the official beverage distributor here at The Bob Fuller Media Center as we offer a wonderful assortment of the finest Coca-Cola products. However, I have a confession to make.

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I can only go so long until I NEED to have a Mountain Dew Code Red.

Up until my last trip to Claremont, NH, I could have sworn that the soda that is described as 'Mountain Dew with a rush of cherry flavor' was an original creation without any equal.


'Dang That's Good Italian Cherry Soda' is distributed from a company in Milwaukee called 'Imperial Flavors Beverage Company'.

Started in 1964, this flavor predates Code Red by 37 years and dare I say, is way better than Code Red, with an improved quality of crispness and more intense taste.

In fairness, if Mountain Dew put its current formula in a glass bottle with real sugar, I'm sure the playing field would be leveled tremendously. But 'Dang, That's Good' is very aptly named.

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You can find it on the shelves above at Runnings (Your Home, Farm and Outdoor Store) at 403 Washington Street in Claremont, NH.