An eighteen-month-old girl has been reunited with a special doll that looks and sounds like her deployed father, according to WMUR. Little Kenley reportedly lost her so-called "daddy doll" on a Delta flight from Hartford, Connecticut to Atlanta, Georgia last Thursday night, and has had trouble sleeping ever since.

Kenley's mother told reporters that her husband is a marine who is stationed overseas. The doll, shown in the picture above and the videos below, was made especially for the toddler by a company called Daddy Dolls, Inc., which provides comfort items for families who are separated. When squeezed, the dolls says, "Hi Kenley! I love you."

After discovering that the doll was lost, Kenley's mom posted a message on her Facebook page. That post went viral, and caught the attention of Delta employees who made a concerted effort to find and return the little girl's doll to her personally, as per WMUR.


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