I just got off the phone with my parents and wanted to share the good news, they were just vaccinated in Dover and everything there is going smoothly as possible!

Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

They had the 8:50AM window today and arrived at 8:30AM. My father had to fill out a 'Plus One' form and while he was doing that, an unbelievably intense gust of wind caused quite a ruckus.

Not one, but TWO Port O Potties blew over! Thankfully no one was inside either of them when this occurred.

Also, another gust of wind blew the papers right out of someone's hands and thankfully they quickly became stuck under another car's tire just a few feet away.

From all reports, everyone at the facility was very nice and spoke loudly and clearly through their masks.

My mother asked a member of The National Guard how they can stand to be outside all day with weather like this and he replied that it's not that bad as long as you keep busy.

I was worried that, after waiting 6 weeks with this date on the calendar, that they'd have to go to some other location, or worse, their vaccination would be postponed.

Moving it to another location is exactly what happened today for people in Manchester.

My folks don't have any access to GPS technology. If there was a secondary site, it could have been quite an ordeal for them.

But thankfully, the Dover C&J Vaccination site was functioning just as wonderfully as every person that has gone there so far, had said.

And four weeks from today, my parents will join the list of those 'Fully Immunized'.


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