Shark listeners are THE BEST!

Our friend, Ed Macione, brought in a bag of happiness and joy in the form of retro toys from our childhood.  Who doesn't love Magic 8 Ball?  Or a Slinky?  The original face of the guy on the operating table in the game Operation has changed, but I like this updated guy better.  His hair style is cooler, I like his puffy cheeks and he has a new red nose.

When Aaron and I get in to a disagreement now, we can consult the Magic 8 Ball.  It has solved many problems for me in the past and now it's back in my life.

I don't think "Super Sharker" Ed knew that at one point in my life, I was a yo-yo master.  I had zero competition, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as a "master," but whatever.  In my mind, I was really good at the "sleeper," but couldn't really ever "rock the baby."

Of all these toys, however, my absolute favorite was the Slinky.  It made a cool sound and I loved watching it walk down the stairs.  I would go fetch that thing for hours!

I'm tellin' ya, life was good back in those days.  These toys were such a big part of my life and the best part?  Not one of them is connected to the internet.

Thank you, Ed.

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