After watching 'Rosie' perform for decades here on the Seacoast, I never had the pleasure of seeing the rare and legendary fire infused drum solo by Al Silva. Last night, their amazing Shark In The Park show changed all that.

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I never asked Al what accelerant he prefers while seemingly immolating himself in the name of Rock. I prefer to leave that part of this impressive spectacle shrouded in mystery.

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In true A-Train fashion, I was a little slow on the uptake before I realized that the mythical Rosie fiery drum solo (with actual fire) was underway.

I assumed the Shark In The Park crowd was roaring their approval for what had been a blistering solo, just from the musical aspect of things, and not the roaring fire that accompanied it.

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This photo isn't going to win any media awards, but I think it's funny because it pinpoints the moment I realized that we were all about to witness some epic pyromaniacal percussion.

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As if having a partially fire engulfed drummer isn't enough to entertain the crowd, Rosie also threw in some sweet pyrotechnics throughout their performance.

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I've hosted Shark In the Park this year with Dancing Madly Backwards, Aunt Peg and Rosie. And every performance has been incredible.

My theory is that with al the time these bands have had NOT being able to play, they've really gone above and beyond to put forth the best show imaginable.

Shark In The Park 2021 concludes next week with Tapedeck Heroez from Raymond, NH.

Wednesday August 25th from 6-8pm at The Rotary Arts Pavilion, Henry Law Park in Dover.

See you there!

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