The Red Sox bats finally roared to life last night at Fenway Park and a weird play known as a "Little League Homerun" was hit by their star shortstop, Xander Bogaerts.

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox
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What Is A 'Little League Homerun'?

This is a very rare Major League event that happens when a hitter puts the ball in play and winds up scoring due to multiple throwing errors.

Last night, Xander's double to right field was misplayed slightly on a throw to home plate, THEN the resulting throw by the catcher made to third base sailed into left field, allowing him to score.

That's an advance of two bases on two botched plays, which qualifies for a 'Little League Homerun'.

I don't consider scoring on a throwing error on a triple as a 'LLH', as making it to third on a hit deserves way more credit. In my opinion, hitting a double or single and ultimately scoring, qualifies that as a true 'Little League Homerun'.

Suffice it to say, it had been a hideous start to the 2021 Boston Red Sox season before last night's game. I was starting to regard so many of the Sox batters as 'automatic outs' and couldn't believe Xander was among that group.

Sometimes, all it takes is something weird like that to turn the whole team around. I'm sure that smashing 16 hits around the ballpark last night, four of them from the bat of Bogaerts, will do wonders for their confidence.

And after what feels like years have gone by without a good Red Sox team to root for, it'll be amazing to look forward to 150 games with a competitive product on the field.

Let's hope they keep it going!

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