Let's talk about a phenomenon that has captured a lot of attention and gained a ton of traction in many communities in Maine. To some, it could be referred to as a profession or skilled craft and others view it as fun hobby, but it has quickly emerged to a trendy event to attend—Trivia Nights!

They're super engaging events that involve participants who want to showcase their knowledge as well as have friendly competition with homies.

Obscura in Lewiston has once a month special themed Trivia Nights and they are a hit!

Angie Lafrance via Facebook
Obscura Trivia Night, Angie Lafrance via Facebook

The whole concept is that their are teams of people competing against each other by answering a wide variety of questions covering various topics, including pop culture, history, sports, music, entertainment, reality TV and more!

Bars and restaurants in Maine are embracing the fun of trivia and many have become obsessed with attending.

Whether you're a trivia fan or looking for a fun night out, joining is a dope way to have a blast while putting your knowledge to the test.

Make sure to check out all of the below bars and restaurants online if the time is not listed!

So, hop aboard the trivia train create some memories at these 15 Maine Trivia Nights!  Choo choo!

Discover Maine's Top 15 Trivia Nights for an Entertaining Challenge

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