It's been a couple weeks since my vacation and I'm still trying to recover from the shock of learning that there's an 'Ocean', hiding in the middle of the Granite State, and I have the proof!

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The Goshen Ocean!

It's official name is Gunnison Lake. It's a man-made lake in the town of Goshen NH that was created by the federal government back in the early eighties.

A beautiful spot that is completely free to explore, swim and hike the entire 'Ruth LeClair Memorial Trail' which surrounds the lake and is a three mile trek!

The locals would prefer that their ocean remain 'A Hidden Gem' so I'm not going to give explicit directions. However if you're driving Route 31 around the back of Mount Sunapee, chances are you'll be able to locate this 60 acre lake.

Just don't tell anyone you heard it from me! It's a secret Ocean!

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