A disturbing report from WMUR-TV. Luckily, the counselors acted quickly and the bag of heroin discovered at the Wason Pond Summer Camp was confiscated by the authorities.

A beach full of young kids at their first day of Summer Camp and right in the middle of it all, Heroin.

It's a sad reality that we all have to be on the look out for now and no community is immune from the epidemic.

'If a young child would have ingested it, any number of things could have gone bad and today would have been a lot worse' - Sgt Timothy Loveless - Chester Police Dept.

I remember the 'Drug Education' classes that we would have when I was in elementary school and the most 'acquired knowledge' I used from those quick seminars? Identifying a painted marijuana leaf in graffiti on the side of the school.

I'm glad that all parties involved used their 'acquired knowledge' to immediately stifle this potentially hazardous situation.

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