An absolute felony occurred today at Hilltop Fun Center in Somersworth. I had just exhibited an incredible crane maneuver, managing to get one of the crane's three pincers to weave within Brainy Smurf's glasses, pulling him from the depths of a deep blue sea of Smurfiness. As you can see from this picture below, Brainy's backside is all but teetering on the edge of the collection bin.

When I returned from getting more tokens, I discovered DK had already swooped in and STOLE the bespectacled fruit of my labor with a simple crane drop on the leaning Smurf.

I guess Brainy had a much worse day than I did though, starting the day wedged underneath Smurfette, and ending up like this...

Other than this travesty of justice, a really fun time today. Thanks to Brian for another great Shark day at Hilltop Fun Center, Route 108 Somersworth!