Back in the 1970's, the 5 year old A-Train would countdown the days to Christmas TWICE a year because of the 'Christmas In July Celebration' at Province Lake in East Wakefield, NH. Come to find out, this still goes on and not only in NH!

YouTube VIA Associated Press
YouTube VIA Associated Press

I asked our Facebook friends this morning and was surprised at some of the responses.

Still happens at my Brother in law's camp in Ossipee NH.


A few years back, he borrowed my Christmas Decorations for this "Christmas in July"and to this day hasn't returned them !!

- Mona

The cornerstone of this celebration was a boat parade around the lake. A couple dozen boats would slowly putter in front of the camps while the participants would wave wreaths and candy canes and I can remember multiple Santa Clauses at both the beginning and end of it. Ah, it was grand!

York Beach always had a Christmas in July parade and celebration with the lighting of the Nubble Light...This year they will only have the Nubble lighting on Aug. 2nd during York Days, called Christmas in Summer...

- Frank

I had no clue that this happened around salt water too!

As the years go on and the memories get less and less defined, I recall buying a lot of penny candy for this celebration as well as roasting smores and hot dogs by the fire along the shore. But I'm not 100% certain that this was part of 'Christmas In July' or just the everyday spoiling of yours truly.

I'm glad to see that it's a tradition that has kept going at some lakes as 'Double Christmas At Camp' was one of my earliest happy memories.

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