A tweet went viral yesterday and I had no idea that the weird 'Razor Blades' slot in the back of my medicine cabinet was an old New England specific thing?

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The thing is, my Father has shaved with this style disposable double blade forever, but the steel packet that they are packaged in has a very convenient slot in which used razors are safely disposed of. You throw out the packet and nobody gets sliced for hundreds of years! This slot in the tile that @beackupburner displays in this tweet apparently was another common feature in old New England homes.

If you check out the replies to this tweet, it's as fascinating as it is horrifying. Sure enough, people have removed the cabinets and walls during renovations to discover hundreds of rusty old disposable razors in disgusting piles.

My current apartment was built in 1892 and this is the first 'Razor Slot' I'd ever seen, both my Grandparents' houses were built in the 1950's, so I assumed this was a 19th century phenomenon.

However, a woman from Denver has the EXACT same sticker style 'Razor Slot' as mine and her house was supposedly built in 1954.

So, as far as I can tell, this strange method of an 'interhouse?' landfill system is somewhat antiquated but NOT specific to New England as this tweet suggests.

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