OH THE NOSTALGIA! I love being a member of the group on Facebook, "You grew up/lived in southern N.H./ME.seacoast if you remember".

I am a new resident to the Seacoast but I love hearing from people who grew up here. They remember all of the restaurants and stores that used to be the bees knees. It's part of the fabric of this area and contributes to it's rich history.

Fifty years from now, I might be posting on this group's wall saying, "Who remember's The Gaslight in downtown Portsmouth?!" And we will all take a stroll down memory lane.

James Becker asked if anyone remembers the stores "Artisan Outlet" and "Sweaterville U.S.A". The response was a resounding "YES and DUH!" I'm learning so much about these stores in the comments. Here is what the people are saying:

  • Artisan outlet was the spot to get your Levi Corduroys in every color of the rainbow.
  • Sweaterville was the spot for cardigans, hence the name
  • Sweaterville was more than a sweater store! You could also buy bathing suits to rock at Pierce Island pool!
  • A lot of people had their very first jobs at either Sweaterville or Artisan Outlet. Both were great places to work and the owners had wonderful family values.
  • Artisan was once Capezio's shoe shop (like the dance shoes) and it changed to Artisan circa 1975.
  • Sweaterville was on Maplewood Ave in Portsmouth.
  • Artisan Outlet headquarters was on Heritage Ave in Portsmouth
  • The Sweaterville store had a weird looking face for its sign.
James Becker via You grew up/lived in southern N.H./ME. seacoast if you remember on Facebook
James Becker

What other Seacoast stores make you feel nostalgic?

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