Not only do I remember tokens, I once had an "incident" at the New Hampshire Toll Booth in Merrimack.  More on that later....

Yes, dear ones, this is a NH token.  I always bought them because you would get a discount if you bought a roll of them rather than pay the $.75 cents (or .50) for the toll, you would only pay .60 cents or something like that, so it was worth it!


The Merrimack toll booth is particularly frustrating because if you live in Merrimack, you get hit getting on and off the turnpike, even if you only live a couple miles away.  The residents thought they were getting hosed, so, I worked at a radio station that was going to protest and, "pay it in pennies."  Meaning, we were encouraging people to pay the tolls in Merrimack ... in pennies.  Oh, the silly things we do when we are a young and stupid radio jock.  It's a really long story, but basically, I almost got arrested trying to fight the tolls, but that's a story for another day.

The discount you got for using these tokens, was definitely worth it.  Interesting how people feel about them now.  Check out this article on Reddit.  Some of the comments are hilarious!

The use of tokens were being phased out in 2003, according to, and you can get many of them now on eBay.

Do you remember using these?

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