Not once, but twice over the weekend I was derided after ordering Honey BBQ sauce with chicken wings. The first time I was with my golfing buddies, and as we were trying to figure out what sauces we wanted for our bucket of wings (we each picked a sauce), my friend who ordered just before me stole my original choice (some sort of Jamaican rub) and I panicked. I didn't have my reading glasses so that I could peruse the more than 50 diffrent sauces, so I just knee-jerked the Honey BBQ flavor, and it was like EF Hutton entered the room (old reference). Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at our table. The waitress shook her head, left muttering to herself, and my table mates berated me for the rest of the day for my "wimpy" choice in sauce. The next day, I was at another restaurant that featured a large variety of barbeque items, and called my girlfriend to see what she wanted form take-out. She said "chicken tenders with Honey Mustard sauce". I desperatly tried to get her to change her sauce order, even thought about changing it up and then blaming the restaurant for screwing up the order. But the truth shall set you free...I ordered, saw the disappointment, heard the hushed chatter, and got the stares from patrons and employees alike. With all the sauces available that run the gamet from hot to mild, apparently I'm the poster boy for wimpy. And I don't even care for Honey BBQ sauce.