A magical moment in nature was captured in Jackson Falls, New Hampshire this week. Dan Blanchette said this little guy was playing a game of peek-a-boo with him!

Dan Blanchette via u Local NH Facebook page
Dan Blanchette via u Local NH Facebook page

Is it an ermine or a Winter Weasel? How does one tell? They both turn white in the Winter! This was a controversy in the comments section of this post.

Tons of people were also saying things like "What a lovely little creature! " and "what a sweet little weasel she/he is". For every comment on the weasel/ermine's cuteness, someone responded saying something along of the lines of "you must not have chickens".

Upon further investigation, if a weasel gets into your chicken coop the result is a full on massacre. Apparently, they tear into the chicken's breast just below their neck, pull out the heart, eat it, and move on to their next victim. Sorry, if you were trying to enjoy a snack while reading this. According to CountryPests,com, weasels kill chickens for food but also for sport! They actually prefer to eat smaller animals when given the choice; mice, voles, rats, etc.  Do you still think this critter is cute?

There are a few things you can do keep weasels out of your chicken coop. One is using motion activated sprinklers to scare them away. Another is raising the floor of the chicken coop off the ground. Check out this article if you want to keep your coop weasel free.


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