I'm not jealous, in fact, I'm just proud to see our first Shark VIP in his natural element. Protecting New England sports fans from lightning bolts at both Gillette Stadium and Fenway Park.

Photo Credit - Gary Zirpolo
Photo Credit - Gary Zirpolo

Maybe working a red sox/revs game is a job for Gary Zirpolo... but keeping everyone safe during a few thunderstorms this month? Sounded like a job for the G-man - Gary Zirpolo - Twitter @Gman2pint0

Gary Zirpolo - Photo Credit
Gary Zirpolo - Photo Credit

His alter-ego may be the Marvel Comics-esque 'G-man', but he will forever be known in these parts as 'Our First Shark VIP'.

Gary is a graduate of Plymouth State and is well on his way to conquer the sports world, much like he easily tackled my on-air duties updating Shark Nation on the latest in sports.

It seems like a long time ago now.

Back before the 'Dark Times', we once invited our listeners into the Bob Fuller Media Center to have breakfast and hang out with us on selected Friday mornings. Those fine people were given the title 'Shark VIP'.

And Gary was the very first to grab that honor.

The original tweet that he has is in split screen form, but I thought that it wasn't doing justice to the two amazing photos that he took.

So, I, in essence, deconstructed the tweet and posted each photo separately, along with the text in block quotes.

I hope I don't incur the wrath of 'The G-Man' for technically tampering with his tweet, but I really thought it deserved more in depth coverage.

Great pics Gary!

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