It's not the countless amazing touchdown catches, the seemingly endless spikes or even the 3 Championship Rings. This 90 second interview is why I'll always love Gronk no matter what team he plays for.

Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots
Jim Rogash, Getty Images

ESPN's John Sutcliffe does a fantastic job of conducting a bilingual interview that is always fast paced and fun and completely enjoyable to any monolingual person such as myself.

From his responses to the questions, Gronk appears to have taken at least one year of Spanish and, it seems like he paid attention in class quite sparingly.

The facial expressions on Gronk throughout this interview are beyond hilarious as he realizes that he has bit off way more than he can chew after only 2 or 3 seconds.

I'm not sure if he properly trademarked 'Yo Soy Fiesta!' as that was quite a rallying cry around New England for many years and many championships.

Although I'll remain loyal to New England, it's impossible for me NOT to root for Number 87 as he starts this new journey.

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