On this day, National Lego Day, I discovered a Lego Brick Boss living right here in the Garrison City!

I don't wanna brag or anything, but I have a BBF ("Brick Boss Finn")  original in my office.  Not only that, but I was able to talk to the one and only BBF today, a/k/a Finn.  He told me what his process was when creating his Instagram posts.

First, he creates the Lego figure using a secret customization process that comes directly out of his creative brain.  I wasn't able to get all the details because, like Colonel Sanders of fried chicken fame, he has a secret process.  From what I could ascertain, he dives deep in to his extensive collection of Lego bricks and creates a figurine unlike any other.

Next, he uploads an image of the Customized Lego Figurine in to photo editing software so he can not only manipulate the figure to add all kinds of cool stuff, but to also create a story for each figure.  You see, not only does Finn create customized Lego figurines, but he is also a writer.

Finn told me,

That's the sort of stuff I enjoy.  I don't really like writing non-fiction.  I like the crazy, fantasy sci-fi stuff.  I incorporate that in to my work.  I create stories for all my GMVerse legos - I have a back story for each one of them.

How cool is that!?

Just when I thought I had hit the Lego jackpot, Finn tells me that the pictures he sent me for this articles are not even out yet!

Here's my original custom-made Lego figurine.  No, you can't have it.  It's mine.  The Brick Boss gave it to me.


Check out all these creations from Dover's Own Brick Boss himself.  And, follow him on Instagram just by clicking here. 

10 Incredible Lego Creations

The Brick Boss and I now have a standing appointment.  Each year, on National Lego Day, he will reveal his new creations to me before the rest of the world!  I am pretty pumped!

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