The FIRST curbside delivered Moe's Sandwiches in the history of the Dover location and they were brought to The Shark Van BABY! It was wicked easy too!

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How to order? Call them at 603-749-4514 and place your order, then pull right up to the 262 Central Ave. location and they'll bring it right out.

The bag was double knotted, the sandwiches were expertly wrapped as per usual and just check out the added protection!

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I promised Mike that I'd blur out his face for at least one of these photos. This pose worked out perfectly!

If you want to use credit or debit, just give them your number over the phone. If you are using cash, that's easy!

Also a note from the editor, throw in a nice tip, all these extra precautions and delivering sandwiches out in the rain? C'mon now! Be nice!

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Ohhhhhhhhh yes!