Thanks to a reply on social media from a Shark listener, I finally figured out not only when 'Burger Chef' closed for good in Dover, NH, but also the reason why.

Burger Chef
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Former 'Burger Chef' Location - Central Ave and 5th Street


Late 1970's. Happy meal did them in and it was introduced in '77.


- Tina on Facebook

I was born in 1973 and have pretty much been obsessed with fast food since 1974, yet, I cannot recall this quirky chain that offered a 'Toppings Bar' to their diners since the early 1960's.

Thanks to Tina's reply, I feel as if the lights have been turned on in a dark room and everything now makes perfect sense.

The marketing team at McDonald's did a brilliant job in their attempts to get me enthused about their products.

I think I may have put 'Happy Meal' on one of my very first Christmas Wish lists and danced with delight on the morning of December 25th when my stocking had McD's famous paper gift certificates poking out of the top.

Believe it or not, I didn't like cheese that much when I was really young. I've made up for lost time since those days, believe me. But even this fact falls in line with Tina's 'Burger Chef' info.

My passion for the hamburger, fries, cookies and prize of a 1977 Happy Meal outweighed anything on the landscape. The last thing I'd care about is a bunch of hideous topping options when all I wanted was the simplicity of a patty, ketchup and maybe two small pickle slices if you were lucky.

There could have been a neon ferris wheel at the corner of 5th and Central and it would have paled in comparison to The Mighty Happy Meal.

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