I tried the breakfast sandwiches (all three rows at Katz's Deli Dover) and I know why people must break that one rule all the time.

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They're not kidding either, in fact, here's another sign.

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Breakfast denied!? That is cruel and unusual. But I guess you can't say you weren't warned.

A couple weeks back, I had 'The First Row' which is a bacon, egg and cheese on an english muffin. It was just like my Nana makes it.

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Today, I went back for the 2nd (ham) and 3rd (sausage) rows.

It takes talent to fry an egg that is both the perfect size for an english muffin and perfectly cooked so the sandwich isn't a complete catastrophe two bites in.

My Nana and Katz's have mastered this.

Also they're three bucks a piece, that's it, not $3.24 or $2.99, the meal tax is figured in so that you can pay for it just as neat as it is to eat!