It was a New Year's Eve Eve Miracle! Due to the vicious winter storm, The Dover Moe's Italian Sandwich franchise was on 1 hour delay and I thought I was out of luck.

Train Images

While what to my wandering eyes did appear? Bruce Manning (co-owner and operator) was removing ice and snow from his pick up truck just a few yards away from the locked door.

'Hey Train! I was just headed out, you want me to make you one?'

Not in the history of the English language have fourteen words made me feel so happy.

The photo I took above was a live shot of the door being opened at 9:17AM, not a reenactment.

Since I was up at half past dark this morning, battling a half foot of frozen concrete off my steps and vehicle, I left in a hurry, abandoning a brown paper bag somewhere in the Arctic Circle.

Train Images

Just look at that Moe's Regular dry with no onions. It actually looks like it's glowing, does it not?

Thank you Bruce, I'll never forget this delicious act of kindness.