It's Exit 7, what I like to call 'The Burger King Onramp'. If you're familiar with it, I'm hoping you'll like my Microsoft Paint interpretation of how both vehicles have the right of way, at all times!

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you are headed Northeast on Central Ave and take the Northbound on ramp to The Spaulding Turnpike, you have the right of way UNTIL you drive all of three feet THEN you must YIELD to any oncoming traffic that is merging in the same direction.

Make sense?



If you're driving Southeast, the reverse is true. Please allow the vehicle heading Northeast to take the on ramp THEN please hurry up and take that same turn because that SAME poor motorist now has to wait for you because they are observing the road sign that tells them to yield.

If I we're King. The green light for Southeast travelers would be a solid green arrow AND THAT'S IT. No two vehicles would ever enter this same 3 foot merging area at the same time EVER!


You're welcome!

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