It's been closed for years and many Seacoast residents have looked longingly into their darkened windows ever since. But for a few vivid moments last night, it was back and I was there!

Train Images
Train Images

I was standing at the counter as two large pizza boxes were placed in front of me. I nervously giggled and told the out of focus server that it had been so long, I HAD to catch a glimpse of what I've been missing out on for what has seemed like a decade.

It was glorious.

The top pie was pepperoni and the bottom pie was the works which on their menu was "The House Special".

Then, the lights went out. The building was as dark and empty as it has been these last few years.

Since I live less than a mile away and the dream was very clear, I awoke in a panic. I thought for a second that I had been sleepwalking and broke in.

Could this have been an out of body experience?

Whatever it was, it makes me miss "Royals" that much more.

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