Just in time to kick-off 2022 with a fun jaunt through history, get ready to dress up as your favorite historical figure if you want to, and join in, for the very first "Run Through History" Half-K.

Now, while I don't really do the running thing, and I know I'm not alone, plenty of you are all about trying new things or challenging yourself or simply running in anything with the letter "K" in it.

So this one can be your first of the year. And yes, walking is OK, too, I'm sure.

The "Run Through History" is a very short run through a very long stretch of history, all to raise money for the "History Within Reach" program, according to the Strawbery Banke website.  That program helps economically and under-served schools in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts enjoy workshops and school trips that they normally couldn't afford.

And again, please, don those historical costumes because that's half the fun in this half Kilometer. Whether they have ties to Portsmouth or not, this is about history.  Is Paul Revere your guy, or Benjamin Franklin?  Maybe you're into Jane Austen or Anne Frank.

This fundraiser for the "History Within Reach" program is part of Portsmouth's Wintertide Portsmouth.  Wintertide, according to the website, is all about highlighting and celebrating winter activities in our very summer-driven Seacoast town of Portsmouth.

As a matter of fact, here's the January calendar of events which includes this first-ever Run Through History event.

PS: The Winter Wine Festival starts the following weekend, but I digress.

You can register here for the Run Through History Half-K.

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