Ah yes the high school talent show. I remember mine like it was twenty years ago, oh my goodness mine was almost twenty years ago!

I actually don't remember much about my high school talent show, but the kids at this school will remember one performance for the rest of their lives. Watch this kid crush the competition at his high school talent show with an incredible dance to Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean.'

This kid clearly won the talent show, but there were a couple of things I noticed in the video.

  1. At 2:49 a girl walks across the gym right in the middle of his performance like it's a normal Tuesday and she's late for Geometry. As if that wasn't bad enough, she doesn't even watch him as she walks by. You must witness the greatness!
  2. Then at the end, while the crowd is in an excited frenzy, and he's soaking in the applause, the person in charge of the mic rips it away from him, cutting his moment of glory short. Inexcusable.
  3. Did he nail the moonwalk, or did he nail the moonwalk? People will be lining up to sign his yearbook after that.

Here's my obligatory attempt at a moonwalk...


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