Say it ain't so Laser Show! Today's Red Sox Insider Report with Tom Caron really provided us with an unexpected injury update. Is Pedroia out for the year?

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
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At about 2:30 into the audio, out of nowhere you'll hear the quote 'You know, Dustin Pedroia, they ASSUME he's out for the year'. This was certainly news to me!

Granted he's only played in 3 games this year as the Red Sox have been racking up victories at an unparalleled pace, BUT, The Laser Show? Never to be seen again until 2019?

The last thing I read (CBS Sports from last Tuesday) is that the team was cautiously optimistic about his return after a rehab session in Arizona. We can now only ASSUME that the rehab is not going well.

I know he has his share of detractors but I always feel better with Pedroia in the lineup, especially in October.

Thanks as always to Tom Caron for providing today's SCORCHING Red Sox Insider Report and to Service Credit Union for making it happen! They are always Ready To Serve.

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