A new 'twist' in Season 23 has made it easier to predict who will be eliminated on tonight's episode of Dancing With The Stars.

Six contestants are immune from tonight's elimination as they defeated the other six 'Stars' in a 'Face Off'. It was a series of head to head dance battles that were determined solely by the judge's scores.

I predict that disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte will be eliminated tonight even though I featured Fmr. Gov. Rick Perry in the video above.

I featured Rick Perry's 'Paso Doble' for 2 distinct reasons

1. He never misses a step!

I've watched this twice and the Governor has this routine down cold. At this point in the competition, DWTS voters reward hard work and flawless routines, even if the dancers are not particularly gifted in the rhythm department.

2. I'm deceptive!

If you quickly glance at this article you may think that I've predicted that Rick Perry is going to be eliminated. Therefore, I have a 33% chance of predicting something that APPEARS to have a random chance of 8.3%.

This is why you must always read the fine print in any of my DWTS prediction posts.