Wow, I'm still in disbelief as to how lackluster this year's cast is for Season 25. I've taken the time to highlight the 2 'stars' you may recognize.

Debbie Gibson

This talented singer songwriter had a monster of a music career in the late 1980's when MTV ruled the earth. I remember that at least one of her videos was choreographed by Paula Adbul so, she may be a force to be reckoned with because...

1) She can dance.

2) She is, in fact, a star.

Frankie Muniz

He is best known for playing "Malcolm" in the Fox TV hit "Malcolm in the Middle". He is certainly multi-talented as he has both raced professionally in open wheel motorsports AND is a very accomplished drummer.

I always liked that show and have respected Muniz for the longest time because of his die hard fan status of the Los Angeles Clippers. He rooted for that team when they were THE laughing stock of all sports franchises.

If I had it my way, both these stars would make it to the finals but there is a LONG way to go before then.

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday September 18th on ABC.


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