According to an official study and map from Zippia, The Granite State boozed it up on Election Night more than any US State EXCEPT for one fellow New England neighbor.

'The Drunkest States On Election Night'

Just looking at the title of this map fills me with pride. Not only for The Granite State but also New England. Of course I say that with a bit of sarcasm.

The New England states made the entire TOP 5 of this list!

Vermont placed 5th, Connecticut placed 4th, Massachusetts placed 3rd, the aforementioned NH placed 2nd and, wouldn't you know it, Rhode Island was NUMBER ONE!

Before we here in New England start to question if it's time to change our ways, you may want to look at the criteria that determined how we were ranked.

The magic phrase really carried the most weight was 'Liquor stores near me'. The number of times that was typed into search engines was the singular criteria for the creation of this list.

I would argue that the logic may be a bit flawed. Wouldn't that mean that New Englanders normally live in a house where the liquor cabinet ISN'T that well stocked normally?

Another interesting tidbit, is that The Great State of Maine was the relative teetotaler of New England, posting a much more modest ranking of 11th.

Leave it to Shark Morning Show Superfan, Sam The Stats Guy, to point out that Maine's open minded legal stance on cannabis could be a big factor as to why they finished out of the Top 10.

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