Early Saturday morning Adam Camarato was last seen walking on Pleasant Street in Downtown Portsmouth. According to this WCSH News Center 6 report, he has been missing ever since.

Stories such as these are so terrifying because of the overwhelming feeling that this can happen to anyone at any time.

Several articles have been written about how Mr. Camarato's cell phone records and Google account have been checked and indicate that his most recent location and time was just a block away from the last place he was seen, less than 45 minutes later.

I keep checking online hoping that he'll be found safe soon. In the meantime the best thing to do is spread the word on his disappearance to as many people as we can to the entire Seacoast area.

I feel awful admitting this but I hadn't heard about this case until just a few hours ago.

I have to think that somebody locally HAS to have helpful information about this mystery but they're unaware of the case as well.

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