The website Elle Decor set out on a mission to discover the best spots for Easter brunch in each state. Can you guess where they picked for New Hampshire?

I have heard wonderful things about this establishment, but never dined their myself.

Applecrest Farm Bistro in Hampton Falls is the best Easter brunch destination in New Hampshire according to Elle Decor!

According to their website,

Applecrest Farm Bistro offers a true farm-to-table dining experience.

What an atmosphere! Located on a farm and apple orchard with breathtaking views this is a MUST try for me.

I checked out their menu and it looks FABULOUS!

My favorite meal is dinner, so naturally that's the menu I perused--Grilled Rib Eye Steak, Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf, Scallop Casserole, Chef's Burger, Oven Roasted Chicken and AFO Lamb SUGO! I'll have one of each please!! That's quite a lineup!

If you're still looking for an Easter brunch destination, Applecrest Farm Bistro in Hampton Falls seems like a no-brainer to me!

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