Never before have I been so interested to enter a Gingerbread House contest. Must be because 2020 has been such a bummer.

The Portsmouth Historical Society is holding it's 30th Annual Gingerbread House Contest!! According to their website, it will take place from November 20 - December 23.  Each gingerbread creation will be on display at the Discover Portsmouth Welcome Center and throughout downtown in restaurant and shop windows.  You have to register before November 9th, make your creation and bring it to the Discover Portsmouth Welcome Center on November 13-16 during their hours of operation, 10am - 4pm.

Here's the link for the Registration.

I've been trying to get A-Train to create a masterpiece with me, but it's a no go.  He's not at all into anything having to do with Gingerbread houses, except maybe eating them, but even then, they're not his favorite.

Now to decide what to do.  The PHS  (Portsmouth Historical Society) is suggesting historical places in Portsmouth, but you don't HAVE to do that.  I bet someone will try to create the North Church in confectionary form.  That's definitely not gonna be me.  I mean, I could probably recreate the steps by using some Kit-Kats or something, but how would I do the steeple?  That's for experts.

Maybe I'll do my niece's nail shop, the Buff & File in downtown Portsmouth.  That's a great idea!  Okay!  Off to the craft store!

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