Press the brake pedal and the accelerator of a 1986 Volkswagen van and you can smoke out an entire parking lot in under a minute. Do not try this at home.

This appears to be the winning brake stand in a contest held a few years ago somewhere near the magical lands of Route 4.

There is commentary provided by an announcer on a PA system, so this was definitely a planned event although I'm not sure if it was sanctioned (Do burnout contests get sanctioned?)

I'm just thankful that I can enjoy the spectacle without having to breathe in the vulcanized fumes from the damage done.

I think the one comment found on this YouTube video says it best.

'Un crimen hacer eso con una joya.'

which loosely translates to

'A crime to do that with a jewel.'

Other than a brake realignment, new tires and some obvious smoke damage, I think this beast is good to fight another day.

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