This Union Leader story

There's a plot of recently cleared land at the junction of Route 125 and Route 107 and there aren't any immediate plans to put any development there at the moment. However, yesterday morning this very professional poster promoting the arrival of 'Simple Pleasures Gentlemen's Club' caused quite a ruckus in the town known affectionately as 'The Center Of The Universe'.

According to this screamingly funny Jason Schreiber story in The Union Leader, the plot of land is owned by Michael Fecteau. He started receiving a ton of phone calls from bewildered and shocked people asking him about his plans to open an Exotic Dance establishment in the heart of Epping's business district.

He is sure that the sign was placed there by one of his buddies as a prank.

This prank gets more and more devious as I read on, as it's too high on the utility pole to reach with any ladder! Poor Mr. Fecteau had to get a bucket loader to gain access to it and was more than likely removed just this morning.

This morning Sarah mentioned that there is a nudist park just down the road in Nottingham so, why is this causing so much turmoil? All I know is, I spent about 5 hours laughing about this story and THAT is one of life's true 'Simple Pleasures'.

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