I have to be honest, I am not a huge fan of artists bringing kiddos up on stage.

I promise, I love kids. I think they're just as cute as you do. BUT. I am not afraid to say my truth: if I pay over $100++ for a concert ticket, I want to see the artist perform their songs. That's what I am paying for.

THAT SAID, there are totally exceptions to my hot take.

I love when a military family is on stage. I love when a child who is battling an illness gets five minutes of fame on stage. And yes, I love seeing the family of the artist. It gives me a sneak peek into their real life.

At Fenway Park last week, Bailey Zimmerman, Ernest, Hardy, and Morgan Wallen took the stage at America's oldest active ballpark.

Ernest, act number two, brought his baby boy on stage, and it was one of the cutest moments in Fenway Park history.

Because Ernest's child is so young (not even three years old), he does not know any of his dad's hits yet.

But, he does know a few songs that everyone in the world knows. And the toddler sang one of those songs, "Twinkle twinkle little star."

Here is the moment the toddler came out to rock the 37,000+ people in the crowd.

First of all, his little run to his dad is KILLER; so damn cute.

The best part is the reaction of the crowd. Ernest and everyone inside Fenway Park joined the toddler in singing this childhood classic.

Now THIS is one child up on stage that I support fully.

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