I don't have time to pour over every stat of the first game for a Boston Celtics player dating back to 1946. But if I did? I still don't think I'd find one as bad as Evan Fournier's debut last night.

New Orleans Pelicans v Boston Celtics
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0 for 10 Shooting; .000 Percentage

Keep in mind, this isn't me ranking his performance on a scale of zero to ten.

This means that he took ten shots and made ZERO.

What even makes this debut worse (if that's possible) is that for the past few days since the trade, all we have heard about is his tremendous accuracy as a shooter.

Could this hideous performance be due to some lingering COVID-19 issues?

It's not likely.

His positive test that kept him out the past few days has been determined as a 'false positive'.

The NBA has been very careful preventing any outbreaks and his absence was just for the sake of safety.

Chances are, the best explanation was put forth by his fellow guard and teammate Kemba Walker on why a dreadful night like this could occur.

"It's difficult coming to a new team, trying to play well, trying to remember the plays and new system,"

- Kemba Walker; Boston Celtics Point Guard

There's a lot to grasp out there all at once.

I grew up believing in The Leprechaun and my general take with all things Celtics is that the glass is always half full.

I bet now that Evan Fournier gets this dud out of the way early that things will get clicking with each upcoming game and he'll be the go to shooter again, just in time for the playoffs.

Oafer TEN though? That's an all timer.

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