Not to mention comedy gold, near the bottom where Sarah and I continue to duke it out for Shark Morning Show bragging rights.

I should really begin with the people that are excelling at their picks this season and nobody fits that description better than the Captain of 'Team Train', Hugh MacDougall of Eliot Small Engine.

Staying atop the Leaderboard two weeks in a row is not an easy thing to do but Hugh has done just that with an impressive 9-3 record.

U Pick Em Leaderboard

Now for the 'Not So Much' category.

As you can see, I opened up a whopping TWO game lead over Sarah by winning 8 games so far this week. I am rather proud of the mocking smiley face pattern that I made while pointing out that I'm still the best picker of the SMS.

It remains a mystery as to who Sarah selected for tonight's Monday Night Football match up between Tennessee and Dallas, but I've picked 'America's Team'. If they win, I'll hold on to my very slim lead.

Go Dallas!

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