Is there a movie you find almost perfect…but then one scene kind of throws it off?

For me, it’s a scene in It’s a Wonderful Life, when we first see George Bailey’s guardian angel, Clarence.

Why show Clarence at all before he jumps into the water? It makes no sense, since we have no idea who he is. And it totally spoils the surprise when he comes out of nowhere to “save” George.

Alas, it’s a Wonderful Life, not a Perfect Life.

Perhaps the greatest example of one scene throwing off an entire movie can be found in a film set right here in New England: 2006’s The Departed. You can’t go a St. Patrick’s Day in New England without watching “The Departed.”

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers about The Departed. 

SPOILER ALERT 2: If you haven’t seenThe Departed, you may be subject to immediate expulsion from New England.

While Martin Scorsese’s Boston mob film is widely considered a classic, it seems fans have always had a problem with the ending. Not Mark Wahlberg’s surprise return (he was Ames before Ames) – that’s perfect. Rather, the blunt symbolism which followed:

Get it? A rat. Because Matt Damon was a rat. I can still hear the groans from people in the theater as we watched a perfect game become a one-hitter.

Well, one Departed fan took matters into his own hands and ran an online crowdsourcing campaign in order to digitally remove the rat, and send out DVDs so others could finally have a perfect copy.

With days to go, the campaign surpassed its goal of raising $4,000; however, Warner Brothers had the fundraiser shut down.

But fear not: if you’d still like to enjoy the perfect Departed experience, there is still a fairly inexpensive alternative: shutting off the movie before the rat shows up.

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