They all look and sound INCREDIBLE but there is one item in particular that has dominated my every waking thought since I read about it. Totchos.

Pedro Martinez Charity Feast With 45
Getty Images for Pedro Martinez

I didn't even know what 'Totchos' were before this morning, but they're Tater Tots that are served the same way as Nachos.

Fenway Park will be serving them topped with shredded Buffalo chicken and blue cheese.

It is far and away my favorite item of the 5 new World Series edition dishes you can get if you're lucky enough to have tickets to tonight's game.

According to this report, the other items include a #DoDamage surf and turf burger and a new BBQ pulled pork sandwich that is drizzled with 'Bacon Sauce'.

For the non-carnivore crowd, there's a veggie wrap that is filled with produce grown as locally as geographically possible, from the rooftop gardens at Fenway!

For dessert? An apple galette which to me sounds very similar to apple crisp a la mode, no complaints here!

I'm glad Sox Nation will have plenty of hot food options to warm up with.


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