After the winter we had, it took a while, but, according to WMUR, Ice-Out has officially been declared on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Thank Goodness! Not that you can actually go SWIMMING in any body of water yet.  That's going to be around, oh, say, August.

It means that spring has officially sprung, we can get our boats ready, and we can open up that summer cabin in the Lakes Region or wherever you might have one.

Our summer place was in Rindge, NH on Sunshine lake, aka, Contoocook Lake. For a couple weeks every summer, the family would pack up and we'd be off to the lake. It was my mother's happy place. She loved it there.

I have to admit, when I was around 13 or so, I complained a lot that it would be the most boring place ever, but now that I look back on it, I loved every minute.

You couldn't get me out of the water. I would stay in the lake for hours.

I was never able to swim across the lake to the house that I could clearly see. Too dangerous. Lots of boats in the water. Probably a good call on my mother and father's part.  I never really watch where I'm going in the water.

Can't wait for that first dip!

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