Happy opening day everybody! When I think opening day, I think hot dogs...and baseball of course! First We Feast had dogs on the mind as well and they decided to find the best hot dog spot in each state. So, where can I find the best dog in New Hampshire?

Gilley's in Portsmouth is their number 1 choice in New Hampshire!

Oh, I have had some dogs at Gilley's! I had a couple of chili cheese dogs and they were unbelievably delicious! I can't necessarily say that Gilley's is the best place for dogs in New Hampshire because I haven't done the research, but I trust First We Feast and I can say from personal experience that it would be tough to find a better hot dog.

They dress those puppies up at Gilley's. I remember chili and cheese oozing out of the bun, when I was done with the hot dogs, it was like a bonus cup of chili was left behind for dessert. They were LOADED! They do dogs right at Gilley's that's for sure.

Hey if you're in search of a fantastic hot dog in the state of New Hampshire you certainly can't go wrong at Gilley's!


Let me know of any spectacular hot dog spots you are aware of!

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