This is a shameful bit of misdirection on my behalf as I should let it be known that I went OAFER on last weekend's Playoff Picks. However, one well known expert did manage to win multiple games.

Train Images
Train Images

Why, It's Bob from Honda Barn! Big Surprise! One man's mediocre is another man's treasure as Bob's 2-2 record last weekend 'takes the cake'.

Playoff Picks Standings

Fish: 5-3 (.600)

Bob from Honda Barn: 2-2 (.500)

A-Train: 2-6 (.250)

Despite my horrific OAFER, there is STILL a glimmer of hope for me to tie Fish if I ace the rest of the NFL Postseason Games provided Fish goes 0-3. Bob from Honda Barn can do the same EVEN THOUGH he missed out on the first weekend entirely.

After he won 172 games in The Shark's Pro Football Pick 'Em, we figured that would be a decent way to handicap this annual event!

Stay tuned for Bob's next picks at 8:40AM on The Shark Morning Show this Thursday! (I would disregard my picks altogether) Fish shall make his Championship Weekend selections on Friday afternoon 2:40PM right here on The Shark!

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